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Our Services

A r c h i t e c t u r e 

We pursue simplicity and clarity in design that will meet the objectives and aspirations of clients. We design and deliver buildings whose functionality, contextual response, environmental performance, and aesthetic qualities come together in striking, well-focused architecture. We design buildings whose architecture is innovative, but absolutely appropriate for particular purposes, places, and lives.


We believe the best and most memorable architecture distills a really strong central design idea that brings together form and function with the greatest possible clarity. It’s a process that brings together practical objectives with the possibilities of form, mass, space, light and shadow to create intelligent, architecturally memorable outcomes.

I n t e r i o r   D e s i g n

A design product isn’t something that exists in isolation. At AlHarthia we believe that the relation between product and the architectural space to which it’s applied is fundamental to a successful project. That’s why we’ve pioneered the linking of architectural projects with the interior design, materials and fittings that have been used in their execution, resulting in a completely new information resource for architects and planners, as well as for designers and manufacturers.

The key to creating great interiors is a really strong and coherent core design concept which will add aesthetic, spatial and commercial value to buildings. Our interior design team delivers schemes whose design is always based on a highly distinctive design language. It’s a process of exploration and communication, which draws from the architecture of the buildings involved, the wider context, and from significant cultural, commercial, or historical factors.


L a n d s c a p e   A r c h i t e c t u r e


We have a deep appreciation for nature and natural systems and a strong commitment to design that synthesizes aesthetics and sustainability. In the private sector we provide high-performance landscape architecture and planning to create exceptional places where people live, work, and play, and in the public sector, we design civic complexes, parks, waterfronts, and other key spaces. We create plans for open space and nature preserves.

our designs customized for each client's aspirations—based on our deep experience.

Project Managment & Urban Design


We develop Project Managment and Urban Designs in a process-driven way that is clear to the Client, from the outset. It’s a progressive development which, typically, passes through eight steps:

1. Determining constraints and opportunities, 2. Consultation with stakeholders, 3. Synthesis, 4. Proposals, 5. Draft plan, 6. Development, 7. Final plan, 8. Implementation stages.

A truly inspired Managment is one that has all parties involved eagerly awaiting the next step forward. And this is always our goal, whether designing templates for major housing developments, significant urban interventions, or the creation of mixed-use developments.

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