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Activation FeatureCAM 2016 ellystey




KwikSolve Jul 15, 2017 FeatureCAM 2016 already contains the "activate" button, so I should click the button in the toolbar instead of the menu. Accessing FeatureCAM 2016 Activate FeatureCAM I uninstalled, then installed again from the download. Is that possible? Nov 30, 2017. Intense decompiling. What's that? I just need feature cam 16 for solving those problems. Dec 7, 2019 I don't have a licence for my old featurecam 2016. A: FeatureCAM 2016 uses the UUID for licensing and activation. If the UUID of your license file is not generated as valid anymore, you need to remove it and re-install. This is why the activation button does not appear on first start: All licences are automatically deactivated when the installation is complete, or if no valid licence file is present. This explains why activation fails if the UUID is no longer valid. Note: on reinstallation the UUID has to be regenerated. Also note that the activation of FeatureCAM 2016 is still in beta phase, if you have any issues feel free to contact support. Priority="Unassigned" /> Represents a method that is part of the contract of a COM interface. 1.0.5000.0 Method System




Activation FeatureCAM 2016 ellystey

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